Lycoris Moisturizing Soap Gift Set 120gx3Bars

Price NT$ 1080


Gentle and non-irritating horse oil moisturizing soap, combined with pure natural horse oil and 25 kinds of Chinese herbal plant extracts, produces a fine and dense foam. From head to toe, you can enjoy a happy bathing time.

Volume:120g x 3Bars
Suitable for/ all skin, especially dry and sensitive skin
Skin Effect: Gentle Cleansing, Moisturizing

Pure Natural Horse Oil 
25 kinds of Herbal Extracts
Gentle and not irritating
Fine and Dense Foam
Children and adults can use it
3in1 Gift Set

Horse Oil Moisturizing Soap 3in1 Gift Set
▶ Rich foam form a natural original soap base removes impurities and dead skin without irritation.
▶ Horse Oil and collagen provide nutrition and moisturizing, and keep moist skin after cleansing.
▶ 3 in 1 box, satisfying the moisturizing level needed by the skin at one time.
Gentle and non-irritating horse oil moisturizing soap, which can rub out a soft and fine foam or bubble, can be used from head to toe, from baby to adults.

Main Ingredients
Pure Natural Horse Oil, Soap base, Natural Herbal Extract 

How to use
Horse Oil Moisturizing Soap – moisten your hands or bath sponge to knead a dense foam, massage in circular motions on the hair or skin, and finally rinse off with water.

Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight

Matching Products 
▶ Use Lycoris Hevony Horse Oil Soap for washing your skin.
▶When the skin is particularly dry, apply an appropriate amount of Lycroris 100% Natural Chamayu Cream on your skin after washing while the moisture on the skin is not completely dry, then gently massage.
▶Then use the usual skin care products in order to make the skin more moisturized.