Call International Co., Ltd. Privacy Policy

Call International Co., Ltd attaches great importance to the privacy of members and follows the provisions of the "Personal Data Protection Act”, and therefore developed a Privacy Policy. You can refer to the content of the following Privacy Policy.

Personal Data Security

Protecting the privacy of members is an important business philosophy of the company. Without the consent of the members, we will never provide the personal information of the members to any third party not related to the services of this online shopping website. Members should keep their own online accounts, passwords and personal information confidential, and do not provide any personal information, especially passwords, to anyone. After using the various service features provided by our website, be sure to log out your account. If you share your computer with other person or use a public computer, remember to close the browser window.

Collection, Processing, and Use of Personal Data

The personal data obtained by the company's related websites are only for the purpose and scope of the company's use within the company. Unless otherwise stated or in accordance with relevant laws, the company will not provide the information to third parties or for other purposes.

Purpose of Personal Data Collection

The purpose of the collection is to conduct marketing, consumer, customer management and services, online shopping and other e-commerce services and surveys, statistics and research analysis (legal specific project number is 040,090 148, 157). The company will collect personal data by joining the membership process or through the process of trading.

Collected Profile Categories

The personal data collected by the company on the website includes personal identification: such as the member's name, address, telephone number, email and other information.

Utilization Period, Region, Object and Method

  1. Period: The date on which the company stops providing the service and or the member party requests to stop using service.
  2. Region: The personal data of the member will be used in Taiwan.
  3. Use object and method: member's personal data collection, except for the member management of the company, customer management search query, etc.    In addition to functions, it will also be used for identification, flow services, logistics services, marketing and publicity.

The examples are as follows:

  1. When using the services provided by the company as a member, the member information is automatically displayed on members’ page.
  2. For the conduct of trading: For member’s goods or services appointment, subscription, purchase, participation in the awards, etc. or other.  At the time of the transaction, regarding the distribution of goods, the provision of labor services, the payment of the price, the inquiry of the reply to the customer, the inquiry of the company to the member,  After-sales service and other necessary business for the exchange.
  3. Promotional advertising or marketing, etc. Provide members with information on various e-magazines, and provide information related to services through e-mail, mail, telephone, etc. Personalized work, analysis of member use services, development of new services, or improvement of existing services, etc., based on the customer's personal attributes or purchase records, browsing records of the company's website, etc. Contact with members for comments on polls, events, message boards, etc., or other service related matters
  4. Respond to customer inquiries: Respond to any members inquiries via email, fax, telephone or any other direct / indirect contact from of the company
  5. Other business attached matters: Accompanied by the use of the above A to D. And provide the necessary use of services to the company

Member’s Personal Data Rights

The collection of member’s personal data by the company, According to the Personal Data Protection Act, the following rights can be exercised for the company: (1) Query or request to access. (2) Request for a copy. (3) Request for additional info’s or correction. (4) Request to stop using, collecting, or processing (5) Request to delete. Members who wish to exercise such rights; may contact the company’s customer service to apply, the company will charge a fee. Please note that Failure to provide the necessary information for the membership may result to inability to access or unable to use the full service

Data Security

In order to protect the privacy and security of members, the company's member account information will be protected by the use of password. The Company also endeavors to ensure the safety of all personal data.

Personal Data Query and Request for Correction of Personal Information

Members can contact the customer service center when you need to copy, supplement or correct, stop computer processing, use, delete, etc., the company will handle it quickly.

Privacy Policy Revision

The Company reserves the right to Revise the Terms and Information of related matters with the changes in the market environment at any time through service announcement, the content of the amendments will take effect from the time of notice, and will not be notified individually , therefore you are not required for any compensation of damages. If you have any questions about Companies privacy policy website or to your personal related matters information, you may contact or email our customer service center.

「Call International Co. Ltd. 」Membership Terms & Conditions


"Call International Co., Ltd." Membership Terms


威昌國際股份有限公司(以下稱本公司)之銷售服務網站「Callshop」,透過「Callshop」網站購得商品或服務,係依據本會員條款提供服務 (以下簡稱「本服務」)。

The sales service website "Callshop" of Call International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company). Purchases of goods or services through the "Callshop" website are provided in accordance with the terms of this membership (hereinafter referred to as "the service").


歡迎您加入成為 「Callshop」網站的會員,下列關於會員權利的部分將進行介紹。

Welcome to 「Callshop」website membership. The following sections will introduce the membership terms & conditions.

I.       會員說明  Member Description


When you complete the registration of the "Callshop" website (hereinafter referred to as "Callshop "), and start using all the services the site offers to members, it means that you have read, agreed and accept all the terms and conditions of this website.


“Callshop " may add, delete or modify some or all of the terms & conditions of this service at any time when it is deemed necessary to change the terms of service. After the modification is completed, it will be posted on the website without further notice. It is recommended that you always pay attention to any changes of terms and conditions. When you continue to use the “Callshop " service after the terms and conditions have been modified or changed, "Callshop" will consider that you understand, agree and accept all the terms of the revised/ changed content.


會員同意下列事項Members agree to the following

1.   依照「Callshop」註冊流程的內容,要提供您最新而且正確的資料,不可以使用其他人證件或名字來註冊申請會員。

1. In accordance with the contents of the "Callshop" registration process, you must provide your latest and correct information. You cannot use other person’s documents or names to register for membership.

2.   在您註冊「Callshop」註冊欄位項目時,我們公司需要您提供必要的個人資料(包含您連絡資訊)給我們,才可以完整使用「Callshop」的服務內容及功能。

2. On registration field of “Callshop” website, our Company needs you to provide necessary personal information (including your contact information) in order for you to have fully access/use of the service and functions provided by "Callshop" website.

3.   如果您提供任何錯誤或不正確或盜用別人的資料、或是沒有按照我們需要提供的資料、還是有欠缺必要的資料、或是重複註冊帳號等等,「Callshop」有權利可以不用通知您,就可以暫停或終止您的帳號,並且拒絕您使用「Callshop」的所有服務。

3. If you provide any errors, incorrect or used of other person’s information, or did not follow the information we provide, or lack of necessary information or repeat of registration account, etc., "Callshop" has the right to suspend or terminate your account without further notice, and deny access to use all services of "Callshop" website.

4.   如果您有違反任何法律、法規或公共秩序善良風俗、侵害其他人的權利或利益、違反適合用的法津或法規要求或違反任何政府機關或法院規定的事,「Callshop」可以不需要任何理由(包含但不限下列的情形),依情況可以隨時停止、暫停或取消您的「Callshop」帳戶、提供給您的任何服務,或採取任何其他有需要處理的措施,而不需要事先通知您。

4.   If you have violated any laws, regulations or public moral standards, infringe the rights or interests of others, violate applicable law or regulatory requirements or violate any government agency or court regulations, “Callshop” may stop, suspend or cancel your “Callshop” account, and any services provided to you at any time, or take any other need to deal with it, without any reason (including but not limited to the following). The measure does not require prior notice


II.     Member Service Introduction


Select Language: When registering as a "Callshop" member, select first the nationality so that in the future transactions you can operate the services with your own language,


Member Registration: First enter the phone number you are currently using (it must be Taiwan Mobile Phone no.) The “Callshop” website will send an authentication code to your mobile number, and then enter the authentication number displayed on the mobile phone and log in to the registration page. Setting an account, user name, account number and password is used to log in as "Callshop". It is the member's responsibility to keep the account and password secure. In order to protect your rights and interests, please be sure to read all the following terms and conditions before registering as a member. Click the "Agree" button on the webpage or platform, or start using "Callshop" to represent what you have read and understood, and agree to the content on the "Callshop" page.

3. 個人基本資料:查詢及修改個人基本資料

Personal Basic Information: Review and Edit Personal Information

4. 「Callshop」購物流程:選擇要購買商品放入購物車中,確認訂單內容及金額,


“Callshop" online shopping process: Select the item to be purchased into the shopping cart, confirm the order content and amount. Select the product, pick-up method and payment method, the system will automatiCallshopy provide the payment barcode and the transaction will be confirmed upon completion of the payment.

4-1 7-11、全家、萊爾富代收


7-11, Family Mart, Hi-Life Payment Process

    On your mobile phone show the barcode to the cashier to make cash payment at any 3 major convenient stores (7-11/Family Mart/Hi-life). The maximum amount per transaction is NT$20,000 (including service fee). Please note that the validity period of the payment barcode is shown in the system. 


4-2 OK代收



Ok Mart Payment Process

Enter the Payment Code at OK-Go Machine to print out the payment slip. Bring the payment slip to cashier for payment. The maximum amount per transaction is only NT20, 000 (including service fee). Please note that the validity period of the payment code is shown in the system.


5.取貨方式:Pick up Method

5-1. 線上取密碼(虛擬卡)-完成繳費後,登入網站輸入會員帳號、密碼,系統簡訊發送認證碼至會員所登錄之手機門號,輸入認證碼即可取得所購買之儲值卡密碼,請依各電信業儲值操作程序完成儲值。

Online Pin Number Generation- After completing the payment, log in to the website with your membership account and password. You will receive SMS confirmation with a link to your registered mobile number. Click the link from message to get you’re your purchased card PIN Number at the Callshop Website. 



When you choose to purchase virtual goods/Pin number (Get the Pin number online), once you "open the PIN number", you will be deemed to have received the goods and the transaction is success, and this website is not responsible for custody. Once this product is purchased, it cannot be refunded. Please pay after confirming the purchase.


5-2.送到家服務(實體商品)- 完成繳費後,依會員在「Callshop」網站上所提供地址或上傳地址照片寄送到會員所提供的收貨地址

Delivery service (physical goods/products)-When the payment is completed, the product will be sent to the delivery address provided by the customer on the "Callshop" website.


Except for the virtual load, other merchandise/products in this shop must be prepared within 3 working days after the payment of the order is completed and then delivered to the address within 2 to 3 working days.

6.退換貨方式:Return and Exchange Policy:


According to Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Law, this site provides consumers with the right to enjoy the 7-days return & exchange period (including national holidays).


Please note that the return & exchange period is not the same to the trial period. When you received the product, please confirm whether the content of the product is complete and the quantity of the product is correct. Please do not open the seal of the products when you are not sure whether you want it or you want to return it.


If you have any doubts in receiving the goods/products, please keep the received goods/products properly (including the outer delivery packaging), and process the return and exchange according to the following "return and exchange policy".


 6-3-1超過七天的鑑賞期(猶豫期),無法退換貨。 We do not accept return or exchange of goods/products after the return & exchange period (7days).

 6-3-2收到貨物7天內鑑賞期(猶豫期)如發現有瑕疵等,登入會員,使用LINE、 FB、Whatapp


If any defects are found within 7 days after receiving of the goods/products (return & exchange period), log in to your account, contact customer service via LINE, FB, Whatsapp so that we can check it for you in time.



Returned goods must be new and still sealed, please provide clear photos of the products and send it to customer service before returning it. All goods/ products must be in good condition (including box/cover, accessories, gifts/freebies and etc.)


Before completing the payment, customer must confirm the goods, amount and logistic method prior to the product they have purchased.



• Please note that the returned goods/products should be in good condition and sealed. The gifts/freebies, accessories, packaging , enclosed documents or information must be in good condition too. If there is a physical invoice, it must be returned together with the products, and in accordance with the laws and regulations “return & exchange form” must be signed. Otherwise, the company has the right to reject your request for return & exchange.  



My Account - Purchase History: You can see here the progress of your order, records and order number.

8. 購物進度詢問:對於已完成繳費,貨物進度有任何疑問,可以直接詢問客服人員

Order status inquiry: If payment has been completed, and you have questions about the status of your order or purchased item/s, you can ask customer service directly

9. 客服留言:回覆您的網站購物進度詢問、「Callshop」網頁或LINE等方式通知。

Chat with Customer Service: “Callshop” website will reply customer’s inquiry thru Fan Page or LINE and other notifications.

10.活動優惠:「Callshop」 不定期會對於不同商品優惠活動,放在「Callshop」網頁上公告,您可以依照商品優惠活期動期間,進行購物優惠。

Event & Promotions: Callshop" online shopping will broadcast and posted different products promotions on the "Callshop" website. You can make purchase discounts during the period of the product offer.


All relevant domain names, all rights network address, and all other functions provided by Member and other legal rights are all owned and belong to the company because of their membership status. In addition to the use of the terms and conditions of the members during the service period, please do not disclose, transfer, and lend your account password to others. If you let others know your personal information, member password or payment information, and let others have the opportunity to use, you must take full responsibility for your personal actions, and our company does not assume any liability.


After the completion of your registration and the confirmation of your membership application, you can now access or use “Callshop” shopping website and other new services and items provided in the future.

三、隱私條款: Privacy Policy:


Callshop" membership information is absolutely respected and protected according to the “Callshop Privacy Policy ". We will never disclose your personal information to any third party who is not related to this website. You can click on the "CALLSHOP Privacy Policy" website for more information.

四、帳號、密碼與安全性:Account number, password and security:


In order to use “Callshop” Service please read and understand your registration obligations and agree to the following:

1.   在使用會員服務以前,必須經過完整的註冊手續,在註冊過程中必須填入正確的資料。若提供任何錯誤或不實的資料,我們公司有權隨時暫停或終止會員資格,並停止您使用這個服務的全部或一部份。.

Before using the service, you must complete the registration process, and you must fill in the complete and correct information during the registration process. If any error or false information is provided, the company has the right to suspend or terminate membership at any time.


2.   完成註冊的會員,必須使用會員帳號和密碼登入,經過這個使用者帳號和密碼所進行的所有的行為負責,會員如果有任何觸犯法律或惡意傷害行為,我們公司擁有刪除帳號或停止會員使用的權利。

Members who complete the registration must log in by the members user's account and password during the registration process. They must be responsible for all actions taken by this user account and password. If the member has any violation of the law or rendering real harm or malicious harm, our company has the right to delete the account.

3.   對於會員帳號和密碼,必須負妥善保管和保密的義務,如果發現或懷疑這個會員帳號和密碼被其他人冒用或不當使用,會員必須立即與我們公司聯絡,以方便我們公司趕快利用適當的方法處理。會員了解並且同意「Callshop」不必對這種不正當的使用狀況負責賠錢或是要求補償責任                                          

For member’s safety, you must be responsible for keeping confidential with your user name and password. If you find or suspect that this user account and password have been used or improperly used by others, you must immediately contact our company to facilitate appropriate method. Members understand and agree that "Callshop" is not responsible for any damages in claiming compensation for such improper use.


** Members hereby agree and declare the responsibility of using this service, registered under their names and is prohibited to register using other people’s identity. 

5.每個會員要了解密碼是很重要的,應該要重視保存好密碼,只能使用在註冊及登入 「Callshop」帳戶使用這個服務。每個會員都不可以告訴別人或把密碼提供給任何其他人做收費或者不收費的使用 

Members should know that password is very important. You should pay attention to keeping your password. You can only use this service when you register and log in to your "Callshop" account. Every member should not disclose their personal password to others in any reasons.

五、智慧財產權: Intellectual Property Rights:


All content materials, picture arrangement information materials and website content copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, other intellectual property, proprietary technology, ownership or other rights, are legally owned by the company. No one can use, modify copy, distribute, or use it in any other way, for any purpose.” Anyone who wants to use or convert the program described above or the content on the website must obtain prior written consent from the company or otherwise, must bear legal liabilities. The company can file legal actions in accordance with the law.

六、服務的暫停或中斷及免責聲明: Suspension or Cancellation of Services and Disclaimers:

1.   在下列情形,我們公司將暫停或中斷這個服務的全部或一部份,而且對會員任何直接或間接的損害,不負任何責任:

Our company will suspend or discontinue all or part of this service in the following circumstances, and shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages to the member:


When "Callshop" website is conducting system maintenance, adjusting hardware and software equipment, replacing and upgrading,


Any violation of Government Law or a Member has violated the Terms of Membership Agreement.


The service will be suspended, interrupted or unable to operate normally due to other people’s actions that are not part of our company resulting in the suspension, interruption or failure to operate the service


Other causes that are not attributed by our company causing the service to stopped or interrupted.


Something or any matters that our company cannot control, causing the service information to display abnormally, or being counterfeited, modification, deletion or copying, or causing system interruption or failure to function properly;


When something happened that is unstoppable or uncontrollable causes the service to be suspended, interrupted, or not working properly. In order to avoid different opinions on both sides, Therefore, things that cannot be explained and unstoppable or uncontrollable by both parties, including but not limited to natural disasters, military regime actions, fires, strikes, work stoppages or labor disputes, infectious diseases, government restriction, wars, terrorist operations, riots, earthquakes, storms, typhoons, floods, and electricity and computer information and communication systems malfunction.


We “Callshop” shopping website provide system maintenance, which will result to service interruption or a change of system service function, but we will have an announcement before doing the maintenance or other appropriate means.

七、會員身份終止與我們通知的義務:Membership Termination and Company’s Notice Obligation:


We reserve the right to modify the Terms of Service & use of our membership services at any time. Members will not be notified individually instead the revised Terms of Service & Use will be posted on the "Membership Terms.

八、交易取消手續費無法退回 Cancellation of transaction Service Fee is nonrefundable


If the reasons of error are caused by a member, such as entering the wrong transaction amount or entering the wrong payee, you should notify us immediately and we will assist you. However, you cannot demand from the company for fees, return or compensation for this error.


九、資訊安全 Information Security


We will take appropriate measures to ensure the information security of this service system. Members should also ensure the security of your information system and prevent others from illegally logging in, obtaining, modifying, or damaging personal information.


If there is third party who hack or use the company’s information system, the company will prove that the occurrence of the problem is not true.


Our company reserves the right to add content, delete or amend some or all of the systems or features associated with this service.


The Membership Terms and Conditions are originally in Chinese Version. In case of inconsistency with foreign languages, Chinese Version will prevail.